Let me be your highway diamond, your gem along the way

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my friend once quit his job to “focus on his loafing” and i found it really inspiring

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One of the breakout stars of our TV show definitely had to be KP’s favorite superhero CORNDOG JONES! It’s been hilarious to receive fan mail and hear from people who are obsessed with this corndog and his DIY world of food villains and fun.

These segments were one of our favorite things to create and film. We even had fun with the music. One thing the audience never got to hear in full was the Corndog Jones Theme Song. Wait no more. Here it is in all its glory!

Rob Franks, our awesome friend and writer on the show, brought the song to life and shares it here. Enjoy!


Flying, zapping, everything is happening

We got a hero for us now

hotdog with corn layer outside

how did he come to be?

He was fried in some radioactive grease 

something inside him freed

an inner superhero

he can do anything you need

he can do all the paperwork that you need. 

Okay, I admit it, I think Corndog Jones is my favorite superhero. (I also admit I generally love corndogs, sorry if you are vegetarian or a corndog- I don’t mean to offend. Corndogs are just delicious. Maybe vegetarians are too; I haven’t tried people - we don’t seem appetizing at all)

Anyway (wow that was a tangent!) love this song! I think The Ramones would approve of this heartily. Or, I like to think they would. I’m sure they would have said not only was Sheena a punk rocker but she was a punk rocker that liked corn dogs.

Victorian Ladies Bookmarks by Marina’s Wishes.

These make me smile- I love the way some of them end up looking so intently at the words on a page. I like their semi conversational grouping and how they look like over dressed feminine prairie dogs popping out of books. Yeah, especially the last bit.


There are kind Slytherins.image

There are brave Hufflepuffs.image

There are some stupid Ravenclaws.

There are twisted Gryffindors.

Your House doesn’t define you.

And please, the next time you’re about to tease someone for being a lowly Hufflepuff, or a slimy Slytherin, or a stuck up Ravenclaw or even a foolish Gryffindor, just remember that we are all Hogwarts students. We’re all part of the magic.


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A group of friends


A group of friends